mGiftCard T&C

Q: What is GiftCard and what is mGiftCard
1. Gift Card is a gift voucher or a combination of gift voucher & discount coupons
2. mGiftCard is a replica of a GiftCard received via SMS containing all relevant voucher & coupon codes
Q: How do I receive the GiftCard?
1. Select the GiftCard value that you wish to purchase. Complete the purchase by paying via credit card/net banking or a choice of e-wallets.
2. You should receive the gift card & confirmation via email within 1-2 minutes. An SMS with all relevant codes will reach you within 5 to 6 hours of making the payment.
3. Incase you do not receive the SMS within 24 hours of payment, get in touch with us on contact us details provided. 
Q: How do I use GiftCard to redeem Voucher or Discount Coupons?
1. You will receive a GiftCard as email on Email provided by you.
2. You will receive the mGiftCard (mobile replica of GiftCard) as SMS on the mobile number specified by you. 2. The mGiftCard contains -One Voucher Code -One OR More Discount Coupon codes depending on the GiftCard option selected by you.
3. You can redeem a Voucher or a Coupon (one in one bill) by providing the relevant Voucher or Coupon code to the cashier at the time of billing at any Kalpana outlet within its validity
Terms & Conditions:
1. mGiftCard consists of 1x Voucher & 2 or More x Coupons (not included in 2000 option). Vouchers are valid upto 31 Mar 2021 .Coupons are valid for a few months. Check table above for exact dates.
2. mGiftCard is non-refundable & non-transferable
3. Date of validity is final and cannot be extended
4. Goods purchased against vouchers or coupons cannot be refunded, exchanged
5. No loyalty points will be issued on goods purchased against vouchers or coupons
6. Redemption of Vouchers or Coupons cannot be clubbed with any other offer/discount/points
7. A voucher purchased as a part of GiftCard in the introductory offer cannot be used along with a coupon or any other discount scheme.
8. A coupon OR Multiple coupons cannot be used together.
For any other query contact our customer support at:
or call us at: +91-85955-33695