How to wear a saree

 How to wear a saree

Step 1:

     Start by wearingpetticoat - a waist to floor length under-skirt with

     draw strings. Fasten this tightly at the waist.

     A well fitted blouse that ends just below the bust. You can also use a 

     halter top, a t-shirt or a shirt. (For getting blouses stitched for your 

     saree, click here.)


Step 2:


    Starting tucking the plain end of the saree into the petticoat starting

    at the navel for one complete turn in anti-clockwise direction.

    (Looking in a mirror this appears as clockwise).

    Make sure that the lower end of the saree is almost touching the floor.


Step 3 & 4:

    Start making pleats, beginning at the end of tucked portion. make
    each pleat about 5 inches deep.
    Make about 7 to 10 pleats and hold them up together so that they
    fall straight and even.



Step 5:

    Tuck the pleats into the waist slightly to the left of the navel, and
    make sure that they are facing to the left.




Step 6:


    Wrap the remaining fabric around yourself once more in anticlockwise

    direction (in mirror this will appear as clock wise). 

    Bring it up under the right arm and over the left shoulder so that it

    falls to about the level of the knees.


Step 7:


    The end portion called the Palla or Pallu is to be left suspended. We 

    recommend that you fix this onto the shoulder of the blouse with a

    small plain or accessorised safety pin. Doing this will prevent the

    Palla/Pallu from slipping off.


                     Congratulations! You have successfully draped a saree. Click here to order a saree.